Every Child Deserves A Great Education

Learn How Education Freedom Can Help All Alaska Children Obtain A Quality Education

A child’s future and educational success should not be limited by a family’s income or zip code.

Unfortunately, too many children are stuck in schools that are unable to meet their unique educational needs – many times just because they live in a certain neighborhood. In many other states families have the freedom to choose the right school for their child. It’s time to give all Alaska families the freedom to choose the educational option that is best for their children!

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Education Freedom Gives Children a Greater Future

The bad news: far too many Alaska children are stuck in schools that aren’t working for them.

  • Over 60 percent of Alaska public school students failed to meet grade level standards in language and math last year…[1]
  • and Alaskan fourth grade students scored behind 41 other states,[2]
  • …despite more spent on public education per student than almost every other state.[3]

The good news: Alaskans largely agree on a commonsense solution: give families more freedom!

  • Over 60 percent of Alaskans support allowing parents to choose where their child goes to school and allow public funds to follow the child.[4]
  • In fact, 61 percent of Alaskans support Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) or other policies that can help families afford the right school for their child.[5]
  • In states like Arizona and Colorado, hundreds of thousands of families are empowered through options like charter schools, ESAs, and tax credit scholarships. [6]

And we have already started the process! Alaska offers some families more education options through:

  • Public school open enrollment: some families can attend public schools outside their district, but not all.[7]
  • Charter schools: Alaska has a weak charter school law, earning an F in 2017 charter school rankings. Alaska charters are hampered from better serving students due to a charter law making them highly reliant on school districts for authorization, funding and support. [8]
  • Home schooling: families can homeschool their children as long as they abide by certain regulations.[9]

Let’s keep going. The Last Frontier should not be the last in the nation in educational freedom and outcomes.


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