Every Child Deserves A Great Education

Learn How Educational Choice Can Help All Arkansas Children Obtain A Quality Education

Our vision: The purpose of K-12 education is to help students discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities, establishing a foundation for a life of contribution and fulfillment. All students should have access to a quality education that helps them move forward on the path to self-actualization.

Arkansas Education Options

Public School

  • Intra-district transfer- allows student to transfer to a school within the resident district (deadline is July 30th/ aka Opportunity School Choice)1
  • Inter-district- allows student to transfer to a school outside the resident district (deadline May 1st)1
[1] Ark. Code Ann. § 6-18-227; § 6-18-1901 to § 6-18-1908; § 6-15-2915; § 6-21-812 and Ark. Code Ann. § 16-18-1903, § 16-18-1906 Code Ark. R. 005.23.8-4.00, R. 005.23.8-7.00

Digital Schools

  • Online schools that allow students to access academics through the internet

Charter Schools

  • Conversion school- public school converted to a public charter. Must live within the school district’s boundaries to enroll
  • Open-enrollment charter school- public school run by an entity other than a traditional school district. can draw students from across district boundaries

Private Schools

  • Set their own criteria for admission and offer a variety of education environments. Tuition is required but some schools offer scholarship opportunities

Home School

  • A “home school” is a school provided by parents or legal guardians for their own children.
    Parents/legal guardians may provide a home school for their own children.
  • There are no educational requirements for parents/ guardians who provide a home school for their child(ren).

Education Scholarships and Funding

Succeed Scholarship Program

In order to qualify for the Succeed Scholarship:

  • Student must have IEP (or be in a foster group home/facility)
  • Attend public school for one year (waiver is available)
  • Be accepted to one of our approved private schools

Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids Scholarship Program

  • Arkansas offers tax credits to individuals and businesses that support scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs), nonprofits that provide private school scholarships to students from families earning up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

Arkansas 529 Plan

  • Arkansas residents can now contribute to a 529 investment plan for private K-12 education. The tax deduction can be up to $5,000 or $10,000 for married couples

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A child’s future and educational success should not be limited by a family’s income or zip code.

Unfortunately, too many Arkansas children are stuck in schools that are unable to meet their unique educational needs – many times just because they live in a certain neighborhood. In many other states families have the freedom to choose the right school for their child. It’s time to give all Arkansas families the freedom to choose the educational option that is best for their children!

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