Policies Impacting You

How are government policies impacting you? Every day there are decisions made that impact your life. Some that make your life better, some that make your life worse. Some you control, while some others control, including the government.

At Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we host a wide range of projects which explain to Americans how government and policies impact our lives. We welcome you to download, learn and teach others about the policies impacting you, your community, your city, your state, the country and even the world.


Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s “Need to Know” informational series explores current events and recent scholarship on public policy issues from a free-market economics perspective. Each memo offers a brief, fact-based overview and commentary aimed at introducing Americans for Prosperity Foundation activists, policymakers and others to the issues of the day.

Below, the informational guides are divided into the eight issue areas that make up the core of Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s educational mission. Click on the link provided to view a PDF of each “Need to Know” informational guide.

Budget and Spending

Food Stamps: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Baseline Budgeting v. Zero-Based Budgeting
Transportation Funding
Budget Reconciliation and the President’s Health Care Law
The National Debt
Federal Spending: Facts and Figures
The Cost of Servicing the Federal Debt
Unemployment Insurance
Inside the Congressional Budget Office: Static vs. Dynamic Budget Scoring
The Federal Budget Process

Health Care and Entitlements

Medicaid Expansion under New Health Care Law
Price Signals in Health Care
Health Care Insurance: Guaranteed Issue and Community Rating
Social Security Part I: The Path to Insolvency
Social Security Part II: Personal Savings Accounts
Medicare and IPAB
The Health Care Law’s Individual Mandate
Health Care Exchanges
Medicaid Funding and Block Grants

Banking and Financial Services

Economic Boom-Bust Cycles
GSEs: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Federal Housing Administration
The Federal Reserve System
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Labor, Education and Pensions

Giving Parents More Choices and Kids Educational Alternatives
The A-B-C’s of School Choice
National Labor Relations Board
Occupational Licensing
Federal Aid for Higher Education
Private Sector Labor Law
Public Sector Labor Law
Costly Labor Provisions: Davis-Bacon and Project Labor Agreements
The Minimum Wage
It’s Working Wisconsin: Act 10 and the State Budget
The Success of School Choice
Paycheck Protection
The High Cost of Failing Public Schools
Pay for Performance in Public Education
Unfunded Public Pensions
Special Interest: Stanford’s Terry Moe on Teachers Unions
Right to Work
Labor Force Participation and Unemployment
Teacher Evaluation Reform

Background Information

The Congressional Review Act: A Check on Regulators
How Regulations Are Made: Rulemaking & Public Comments


Carbon Tax
Gross Receipts Taxes
State Tax Credits
Sales Tax Holidays
International Corporate Taxes: The “Territorial” vs. “Worldwide” System
Capital Gains Taxes
Federal Tax Revenues: Facts and Figures
The Laffer Curve
Low Taxes and Economic Growth
The Alternative Minimum Tax
The Death Tax: Double Taxation at its Worst
Energy Tax Subsidies: Picking Winners and Losers

Energy and Environment

Carbon Tax
Regional Haze Rule
Hydraulic Fracturing
Renewable Portfolio Standards
Energy Tax Subsidies: Picking Winners and Losers
The EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations
Net-Metering Policies


Municipal Broadband
Net Neutrality Regulations
The Fairness Doctrine and Localism
Intellectual Property Protections

Property Rights

Federal Lands
Regulatory Takings
Clean Water Act Abuse: Wetlands Protection Under Section 404
The Endangered Species Act